It's All About Him

The idea that worshiping Jesus is best done not when we just sing about Him or what He has done or what He will do, but when we sing TO Him and when worship is directed TO Him. You wouldn't sit in the same room with your spouse and just talk about them, you would talk TO them. Singing TO HIM and not just about Him is our heart and belief as we worship. Tuning into His heart and spending time with Him in worship, getting completely lost in Him embraced by His love and Presence!

Immersion is not just a name, but a desire to be completely immersed in His presence when we worship. Without His presence, what's the point?


Immersion Worship Band is the worship team of Gethsemane Church in Evansville, Indiana led by Pastor Dale Culbertson. We worship with everything that is in us!

Immersion Worship Band is made up of worshippers and musicians who serve faithfully in the church every weekend. This new journey has allowed us to step out and record songs that were birthed in our home church and now we get to share with the world.